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Highest standards and quality

These topics are very important to us.  Not only when selecting raw material and yarn, but also during webbing and designing our premium brand JCLASSIC:

  • We use yarns spun of combed cotton. Compared to carded cotton where fibres only are disentangled, cleaned and intermixed, combing also eliminates short fibers. Consequently only long fibres will be used in the yarn thus making the fabric fluffy, more water absorbant. Towels made of combed cotton won't loose their volume as fast and are almost lint free after the initial first couple of washing and tumbling cycles.
  • The decorative edging is guaranteed to keep its shape even after repeated washing.
  • The use of pure combed cotton also makes our products last longer and increases their stability due to the long fibres used. Also the seam must be as robust and as wrinkle free as possible. As each seam is double stitched the products look and feel good-as-new even after repeated use.